YouTube starts testing advertisements for Shorts

YouTube has started running tests for monetization on Shorts, like how it works on TikTok and Instagram. Starting off with app-install ads and other minor promotional ones, as Philipp Schindler (Chief business officer at Google) informs. “We are experiencing a slight headwind to revenue growth as Shorts viewership grows as a percentage of total YouTube time,” Alphabet CFO Ruth Porat said. “We are testing monetization on shorts, and early advertiser feedback and results are encouraging.”

Though YouTube’s ad-revenue went uphill to about $6.86 billion, the site that there was a considerable decrease in direct response ads. Going back to last year, YouTube had put out its Shorts, which was a $100 million creator fund. It was released with an aim of an alternative for revenue for popular content creators to upto $10,000 a month.

YouTube chief product Officer Neal Mohan, in an appearance on The Vergecast, talked about various other things like bringing Super Chat into it, add branded content for consumers to purchase merchandise or other related things through Shorts.