YouTube Music will add an option to share songs on Snapchat and Instagram!

YouTube music will now add an option of sharing songs to Snapchat and Instagram. It all started with rumors back in November 2020, following Snapchat sharing laughing for YouTube music on iOS in October. Now, this will be coming to Android as well.

In order to share to Snapchat in Android, this can be done by tapping share in YouTube music and send it to Snapchat, inclusive of artist name, album artwork and a link for viewers to listen. There’s also an option to share it to specific friends or to “My Story”.

This feature had arrived to the iOS app late 2021, and is now coming to Android. However, sharing to Instagram does not seem to be that efficient, with the app crashing upon sharing.

Apart from that, the Pixel team has been pretty close to Snapchat, so that could mean a quick launch of the Snapchat camera with a double-tap rear gesture from the lock screen and several filters.