Xbox Series X Mini Fridge preorders start next week!

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X-shaped mini fridge will be ready to preorder the following week. The Xbox Mini Fridge will be priced at $99.99 (£89.99 / €99) and available to preorder on October 19th in the US, UK, and Europe. Unlike the full-size Xbox Series X fridge that is now not available, the mini-fridge will be here to preorder on Tuesday, Oct. 19 from Target in the US and Canada. Though Microsoft hasn't intimated an exact date for their release, they are anticipated at some point in December.

Following the Twitter war and the battle of the brands, Xbox seemingly topped with the highest votes, “making the mini-fridge memes a reality”, as claimed by Xbox. With a surprising first-time glance at the design almost at the climax of the Xbox E3 Showcase, Xbox justifies now was the time to give their fans what they’ve been waiting for, that too, just in time for the holidays. Introducing Xbox Series X Replica “Mini Fridge."

For fans living elsewhere, don't worry about that. Microsoft promised it's "working to bring the Xbox Mini Fridge to as many fans as possible" with plans to "continue to expand regional availability in 2022, pending regulatory approvals and restrictions by the market".