Xbox Cloud performance update makes things easier for Apple device users

The Xbox Cloud Gaming now enables gamers to take their prized library of titles wherever they like to. An Xbox isn’t necessary either, the Game Pass will permit for the game to be played on any compatible device like a PC.

Though it’s been an year since Xbox Cloud Gaming was officially released on Apple devices, there was still no specific app for that on account of Apple’s App Store policies (also keeping in mind that other cloud gaming services like Nvidia GeForce Now And Google Stadia are affected by that policy as well).

This implied that Apple users had to use this service on a web browser like Safari, which brought a ton of issues with it, of course.

Now, Microsoft’s Cloud gaming service is available on iOS devices with enhanced accessibility. With further optimized data transmissions and video output, they are sure to give users a smoother, and a better responsive experience.

Microsoft has also released Xbox Cloud Gaming for its own consoles back last year, and now, games can be streamed with ease and convenience on the cloud without taking up any storage on the system, while also adding to the Xbox One’s lifespan slightly.

Right now, Microsoft is having its focus on a separate Xbox app for TVs, thus meaning that users with subscriptions will have games available without a console.