Windows 11 might finally introduce 3D emojis

After last year’s rumors, it finally seems like Microsoft is bringing “3D emojis” into existence! As disclosed by Nando Costa, renowned designer at Microsoft, the company is focused on making the emojis look more three dimensional.

Back on Friday, on one of Microsoft’s blog posts, also by Costa, was about the new emoji system. Additionally, Costa replied with “We’re working on that” to a tweet asking about the progress of 3D emojis.

In the emoji list revealed by Microsoft which would be part of Windows 11, the two dimensional design only could be observed. The probable reason for this flat design could be either technical limitations or in order to work more effectively even across many devices.

The blog also throws light on how Microsoft also took care of little details like wrinkles and hair styles in the emojis, how they pop in the Teams app, and how the new reality of a hybrid workplace influenced its designs. Microsoft has reportedly used Adobe Illustrator, Maxon’s Cinema 4D, Figma, Font Lab, and others to create its 3D emoji.