Valve registers new "Neon Prime" trademark

Valve’s new “undercover” trademark for “Neon Prime” hints at a new video game IP from the Half-Life and Portal developer!

The name, as noticed by Reddit user itsairnd, is supposedly registered under the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It seems to be for a video game, mate a related software. This could be something, despite the case of Valve’s recent tops with Index VR headset and the Steam Deck hardware.

The trademark states that "[The] Neon Prime trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of computer game software, electronic game software, video game software, computer game programs downloadable via the internet.”

Though not much is known about the Neon Prime as of now, the news of this trademark registration might suggest that its not that far off. In the case of The Quarry, it was launched only four months in June 2022 following the registration of its trademark (Feb 2022) in Supermassive Games.