Twitter starts testing downvote feature globally

Updated: Feb 14

Twitter is here with a new “downvote” feature. Only for a select group of users, Twitter quotes, “We learned a lot about the types of replies you don't find relevant and we're expanding this test –– more of you on web and soon iOS and Android will have the option to use reply downvoting”.

As reported by the social media giant, experiments conducted by it show a “positive feedback”, with users downvoting replies they feel are irrelevant or offensive. They add that downvoting is the “most frequently used way for people to flag content they don’t want to see”.

As stated by critics, options like “like”, “dislike”, “downvote”, “reaction emojis” and others are basically for either improving conversations, or making them more toxic. However, Twitter says that their experiments show positive results and users agree to the fact that this option can potentially improve the quality of conversations on the app.