Tumblr bans certain tags to stay on the App Store

Tumblr has restricted a couple of tags that "may fall under the expanded definition of sensitive content” so that it doesn’t get taken down on the App Store yet again. Some of these tags may also end up being entirely blocked by the website.

As quoted by Tumblr in a recent blog post, “In order for us to remain in Apple’s App Store and for our Tumblr iOS app to be available, we needed to make changes that would help us be more compliant with their policies around sensitive content.”

Image via TechCrunch

Back in 2018, Apple had kicked Tumblr out of the App Store after pictures of child exploitation were found on the website. Tumblr had then begun blocking adult content.

Tumblr added saying that these modifications would only show up on the iOS app, and would have nothing to do with Android or the web app. The company is reportedly "working on more thoughtful solutions which will be rolled out in the near future."

According to an unofficial list by Tumblr users, the banned tags include “sex”, “porn” and “drugs”. Tags like “Tony the Tiger” and “Eugene Levy” and number tags of 69 and 420 were possibly banned as well. Numerous tags relating to triggering topics like “depression”, “PTSD” and “bipolar” were given up on too.

Even though these banned topics might be talked about, Tumblr made it sure that they were censored well.