Singapore deploys bots on streets to assist in monitoring traffic!

Traffic management master Singapore has just revealed release of robots to assist in monitoring traffic and crowds. Called Xavier, they will detect “undesirable social behavior” in the general masses of the famous Toa Payoh Central.

This amazing innovation will reportedly be able to detect these:

  • bicycles parked indecently

  • motorcycles being rode on footpaths

  • illegal hawking - smoking in prohibited zones

  • group of more than five (as a measure for Covid prevention)

After detecting these, Xavier makes a noise intended for the command centre And has a message for the public on its screen to let them know their wrong.

Before Xavier, Singapore was on its robotic dog SPOT, and it was this dog’s responsibility to constantly tell people in the crowded Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park that social distancing was important and not to forget to practice it! Nevertheless, it’s not just robotic security that the Asian country is on, the government has also added that they will have upto 200,000 police cameras installed by the end of this decade.

Regarding Xavier, they said that its deployment would “support the work of public officers as it will reduce the manpower required for foot patrols and improve operation efficiency” Breaking down its mechanism, Xavier’s cameras capture data, which are sent to a video analytics system packed with AI capability. Through this, officials receive real-time stats and can thus control multiple robots at the same time.