Segway's Navimow uses GPS to stay in your lawn!

Worldwide transportation leader Segway is all set to release Navimow to assist in lawn mowing. Stepping into robotic innovation, it most importantly deals with virtual geofencing with the help of Exact Fusion Locating System (EFLS) which includes GPS and other various sensors.

Here’s what we know about it’s mechanism. First, it kind of scans and interprets the arrangement and layout of the lawn and adopts the most efficient path. It keeps trimming the grass as it moves that way. As claimed by Segway, the algorithm on which it functions will keep learning and enhancing its work with time. This way, areas with thick grass can be mowed frequently too.

Summing up other features:

- works at 54 dB, which isn’t much noise

- offset blades which help trim edges

- grass can be cut to a desirable height ranging from 3 to 6 cm

- mower can incline up to 45 degrees

- water resistance rating of IPX6

- blades stop if pets or people get close

- returns to charging station if rain is detected

As an amazing feature, in case the battery gets low, Navimow continues cutting from where it left off after it recharges. The Navimow H800which costs about €1499 ( about $1,781), is for lawns of up to 800 square meters (8,600 square feet); the H1500E costing €1999 ($2,375)for 1,500 square meters (16,145 square feet); and the H3000E for €2499 (or $2,969) lawns up to 3000 square meters (about 33,000 square feet)