Samsung will release the world's first 200 megapixel camera sensor!

Samsung has officially announced it was going to launch a new smartphone with a camera sensor of 200 megapixel! Yes, you heard it right. Called the ISOCELL HP1 with a 0.64μm pixel sensor, it the first 200-megapixel image sensor ever made.

The smartphone giant has also said that it’s ISOCELL GN5 50-megapixel would be the first image sensor ever to put the technique of “all-directional focusing Dual Pixel Pro technology with the help of two photodiodes in a single 1.0μm pixel” into use.

This camera makes it possible to capture even an 8K video without cropping, though standard 8K is less than 50 megapixels. Also, it’s pixel technology allows Front Deep Trench Isolation (FDTI) on a Dual Pixel product, which in turn allows each “photodiode” to have the capacity of holding much more light information, and thereby enhancing photodiode FWC (full-well technology).

As of now, limited samples of this sensor are available, although Samsung had nothing to say about mass production.