Samsung HW-Q950A soundbar review

The Samsung HW-Q950A is fizzing, being a proud possessor of the most consummate and pristine Dolby Atmos 3D effect ever heard from anything to date.

Loads of high-end bars had tried to bridge the gap between stand-alone A/V systems with receivers and speaker cables, but hardly any could pull off what this Samsung soundbar could rack up.

With the routine 5.1 surround-sound setup comes five drivers (three front and two rear), and one subwoofer. Samsung’s new bar greatly outdoes that, coming with 11.1.4 channels versus its predecessor's 9.1.4. In order to make the audio feel more immersive, all the additional channels on the sides were equipped.


-Powerful Sound

-Easy set up

-Complete 3d soundstage


-Way too pricey

-Useless visual display