Report says Star Wars Battlefront 3 'definitely' isn't happening

EA has just revealed three new Star Wars games! Nevertheless, DICE (the developer of the 2015 and 2017 Battlefront games) does not seem like it is up for a third entry in the Battlefront series, according to a report by Gamesbeat.

This report, by reporter Jeff Grubb, further adds that Dice will instead choose going for Battlefield 2042 and a fresh franchise. The probable reason for this action can be trying to cut down on licensing fees and be reliant on its own IPs.

Though this might not be that a great news for the Battlefront fans, this decision of Dice could potentially bring back hope to the current Battlefield 2042 players.

Coming back to the three Star Wars games, a sequel to the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is being worked on, which maybe released later this year. The next, being taken care of by Peter Hirschmann, director of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, will be a first-person shooter, and the third, being led by newcomer Bit Reactor, will be a turn-based tactics games.