Reddit adds a new Discover feature similar to Instagram's Explore

Reddit has a new “Discover” option now! The social media giant will now feature yet another feed to give you extra hours of scrolling, apparently!

As said by director of Reddit’s product for content and communities Jason Costa, this feed is here to “help drive Redditors to corners of the site they might not encounter on the front page or in r/popular”. It’s been more than two years since a new section has been added to the app.

Costa also adds that this feature being out to several tests has proven useful, with one out of five users having joined at least one new subreddit, thanks to Discover.

Another pro of this feature is that loads of videos, memes or GIFs which are usually not always on the top of the centre, can now be reached this way. Also noting that most of Reddit’s experience is based on text, this Discover feed would help users in their casual scrolling rather than reading, according to their appeal.

Just like Instagram’s explore, this Discover would be unique and personalized for each Reddit user. Completely new users will obviously have the trends or the content with more engagements on their Discover, while existing users will see recommended content based on the type of content spent more time on plus the subreddits they follow.