Razer confirms its RGB mask and is now available for beta testing

Razer has just confirmed its N95 mask has a new name and a beta program all ready in advance for its fourth quarter launch. Project Hazel, which looks avant-garde, was recently named as the Razer Zephyr, and Razer allows you to sign up, if you are interested be a beta tester right now on their official site.

As claimed by Razer, Zephyr is designed to be “safe, social and sustainable”. Features include replaceable filters, a charging set with a UV light to destroy bacteria and virus particles, a clear window which makes it able to see a person's mouth and a microphone and speaker to extract voice. It also contains 99% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency, an anti-fog coating and a face seal.

The company first announced Project Hazel at CES 2021, promising a high-tech face mask with built-in RGB lighting and an active air filtration system Razer claimed was as effective as an N95 mask. In March, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan informed that the company was focusing on advancing further in manufacturing this unique mask, keeping in mind that there would still be a market for Project Hazel even as countries started to vaccinate their people against COVID-19.