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PlayStation VR2 Users Report Issues with Right Sense Controller

Updated: Mar 6

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PlayStation VR2 users have been eagerly exploring the immersive world of virtual reality since its release. With 40 games available for the system already, the PSVR2 has quickly become a popular addition to the gaming world. However, some early adopters have reported issues with the right Sense controller.

According to users, the X and R2 buttons on the right controller stop responding during gameplay, although they continue to function in the PS5 system menu. The issue has not been officially commented on by Sony, but users have taken to Reddit to offer potential solutions. The advice ranges from basic troubleshooting to more complex measures, including deleting controller pairing and clearing the cache.

While some users have had to send their controllers back for replacements, most have been able to resolve the issue using the suggested solutions on Reddit. It's worth noting that this issue seems to be limited to the right Sense controller, and users have reported no issues with the left controller.

Image via Sony

Despite these reported issues, the PlayStation VR2 has been a highly anticipated addition to the gaming world. Its advanced features and immersive gameplay experience have garnered praise from many gamers. With continued support and updates from Sony, the PSVR2 is poised to become a major player in the VR gaming market.

As the popularity of virtual reality continues to grow, it's likely that we'll see more advanced and innovative technology in the future. The PSVR2 is just one example of the exciting developments in this field, and despite its reported issues, it remains a compelling choice for gamers looking for an immersive and engaging VR experience.

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