PlayStation unveils new PSVR2 Design!

Sony is here with a dashing design of its new PlayStation VR2 headset! This next-gen headset, which was first heard of in January 2021 with its official announcement, depicts a remarkable combo of the colors black and white.

Also resembling the PS VR, this headset comes packed with quite some modifications, like reduction in weight and a lens adjustment dial, for example. Also, it rocks textured PlayStation icons on the front and back bands, like the PlayStation 5 and it’s DualSense controller.

There are various other features like 4K HDR, foveated rendering, haptic feedback, 90/120Hz frame rates, eye tracking, connection to the PS5 with only a USB-C cable and eye tracking.

Rewinding the tape, PlayStation VR, at an affordable $400-$500, with the fact that there was no requirement for another additional gear of $800 or even a beefy gaming PC, was the moment.

However, the PSVR, later joined by Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, have all enhanced in several aspects, including field of view, optical quality and general immersion.

Coming back to the PlayStation VR2, the controllers almost the same as the DualSense controller, is predicted to be quite expensive, taking the sleek techy design into account. It also seems like Sony is putting some expectations in VR. Nevertheless, prices could change in a dynamic way.