Opera's Crypto Browser arrives to iOS

Opera is here with news of its new Crypto Browser coming to iOS now. Already accessible in Windows, Android and Mac, this browser is equipped with an in-built crypto wallet, and and a “user-friendly” access to its Web3 services.

This Web3 standard which is increasingly being put into use in the recent years, is mainly composed of a “new iteration of the web based on blockchain technology”. This could be the main reason behind the company planning on a separate browser only for this, with more people gaining interest in the particular cryptocurrency field day by day.

Getting into this, the browser with its in-built non-custodial crypto wallet supports several ecosystems inclusive of Bitcoin and Ethereum. From enabling users to purchase crypto coins with fiat currency to trading tokens without any extensions, this crypto browser also makes it accessible to the Wb3-based NFTs and other decentralized apps, amounting to about 7,000 services of the Polygon ecosystem.

Another feature of the browser includes a Crypto Corner starter page which serves the purpose of getting live updates on cryptocurrency and related topics like events, prices and events, and also podcasts. Opera also reports that this browser was designed with all convenience for either veteran crypto users or even people who are new to the whole topic.

However, the app is now available for free download from the App Store, and it could be one of the best iPhone apps.