Nvidia's GeForce finally launches on LG TVs

Image via Nvidia

After a long two months in beta, Nvidia is finally here with its GeForce Now app for LG TVs. This app, through which users can stream Nvidia’s servers’ selective games to even tablets, PCs and smartphones. This app, which first came up on LG TVs back in November 2021, is now available as a full release from the LG Content Store for users of compatible 2021 TVs. In addition to that, six months of GeForce Now’s Priority tier alongside qualifying purchases of LG TVs is being given away between February 1 and March 27.

Though access to Nvidia’s steaming service could be gained through Nvidia Shield, accessing it directly from a TV is much better, and also in a way, a cheaper one, in case of those who don’t have an Nvidia set-top box and wouldn’t prefer plugging another GeForce Now-compatible device into their TV.

Also, Nvidia talks about launching new resolution upscaling options which will help in adjusting the streaming resolution gets reduced due to the influence of the network bandwidth. Three upscaling modes, namely, the default “standard” mode, the “enhanced” mode with better quality and “AI-enhanced” mode with the best quality. Nevertheless, the AI-enhanced mode can be accessed only on Nvidia Shield or PCs with Nvidia GPUs. Also, this feature enables downscaling when display resolution goes lower then the streaming resolution.

Games like Mortal Online 2, Daemon X Machina, Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, Tropico 6, and Assassin’s Creed III Deluxe Edition are going on come onto Nvidia’s streaming service this week.