NVIDIA GeForce gets 1440p at 120Hz streaming support on Edge and Chrome

GeForce, now boasting the title of of being among the best ways to play the best PC games without any need to purchase or have a powerful gaming PC. Permitting users to now stream games even through browsers (with a server to look after the heavy lifting, of course), it features 1300+ titles.

With this big update, game streaming service is compatible up to 1440p of resolution at 120 frames per minute. As of now, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are the only browsers to support these newly increased resolution and frame rate limits. Though Mozilla Firefox can have 120 frames per second run, details about it hadn't shown up on any of NVIDIA'S blog posts regarding the update.

Nevertheless, being a member of the GeForce Now RTX 3080 is mandatory in order to avail the upgrades. Right now, users who are signed up on play.geforcenow.com can choose their desired frame rate and resolution and kick off their gaming.

This membership, which costs up to $19.99 a month, also includes more reasonable plans. There's a free option to, but it does not support 1440p gaming at 120 FPS, obviously.

As NVIDIA's close competitors, there's Google's Stadia and Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming. Yet, NVIDIA GeForce Now is striking, owing to its widely ranged library and its whole lot of titles. This feature of 1440p gaming at 120 FPS through browsers is a major boost as well, seeing that Xbox Cloud Gaming only has 1080p on web.