Microsoft Xbox Cloud gaming gets Keyboard and Mouse support

Flight Simulator was added to Xbox Cloud Gaming, implying that you can now try the game out on phones, tablets, Xbox One and web browsers via the cloud. Microsoft is here to change the myth that you can’t use a keyboard and mouse to control the plane.

Back from its 2019 trials, Xbox Cloud Gaming has continued to widen its base with an Android app, and a web app for PCs and iOS. With the coming of Xbox console support in late 2021, it proved conducive for Xbox Series X|S exclusives like Microsoft Flight Simulator to make it to Xbox One consoles as well. And now, as reported by Flight Simulator head Jorg Neumann, Microsoft is working on adding mouse and keyboard support to some titles.

Adding keyboard and mouse support will not only make a new feature of cloud gaming available, but will also permit easy accessibility through the web, making it easier for a controller or any surplus hardware on a PC.

Microsoft’s ever-dynamic list includes retrofitting custom on-screen touch inputs on Xbox streaming touch-enabled titles and native mobile gaming. The company has reportedly run tests for gyroscope inputs, by which users are enabled to control games by just moving their phones.