Microsoft introduces a $800 Smart Camera...

Microsoft is here with the announcement of its best “professional grade” camera, the all-new Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera!

Getting into the reportedly first ever AI-powered camera, it is a 12MP one with a 136-degree field of view, with focus on anything between 0.4m and 8m. Packed with a teraflop of its own computing power, this camera is equipped with the same processor as that of Surface Pro 6.

Microsoft adds that the Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera is also capable of being fitted to the top of a Surface Hub 2 with the help of a USB-C mount and a magnetic click. Many other features like compensation for distortions, tilt, detection of users, no matter what the lighting conditions, room or posture, and wide angle correction.

Coming to the pricing, it could seem a little too expensive for just a webcam, but taking all these top-tier features into account, it’s probably worth it. Priced at $799.99 if purchased separately, and at $21,999.99 if purchased along with the Surface Hub 2S.

Apart from that, Microsoft put out a bunch of new updates for Windows 11, Microsoft 365, Teams and Whiteboard on the Surface Laptop, Surface Hub 2S And Surface Pro. Including new 3D emojis in Teams, a UI for Whiteboard to serve for screen-sharing, Microsoft also informed us of a new feature in Outlook, enabling users to indicate RSVPs either trending meetings virtually or in-person.

In addition to that, a feature regarding virtual presentation in PowerPoint ,like recording studio and cameo to decide the timing of slides, also seems to be on the way.