Marvel's Midnight Suns introduces two Spider-Men, gets a release date in October

A new trailer for Marvel’s Midnight Suns was just out at the Summer Games Fest Live, announcing the release date to be October 7. The main attributes of the trailer point to Spider-Man being one of the playable characters, to combat against the “Fallen” versions of Sabretooth, Scarlet Witch, Venom and the Hulk.

Marvel’s Midnight Sun is all about delving into the supernatural aspect of the Marvel Universe. Developed by Firaxis Games, also renowned for Civilization and XCOM franchises, the storyline of this game goes around Lilith and her team joining hands with Hydra, a powerful force of superheroes against your leadership as The Hunter. The main objective of the player as The Hunter is to unite heroes like Iron Man, Blade and Doctor Strange in order to form a team.

As quoted by Bill Rosemann, Vice President and Creative Director at Marvel Games, “We're thrilled to invite players into the darker, supernatural side of Marvel! In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, our friends at Firaxis and 2K have created an incredibly unique and totally authentic Marvel experience that fans can leap into this October!"

“We know fans have been eager to see what’s coming next for Marvel’s Midnight Suns,” said Jake Solomon, Creative Director at Firaxis Games. “We’re honored by the opportunity to introduce so many new heroes and villains to Marvel fans and can’t wait for tactics players to discover the joys of fighting like a Super Hero in Marvel’s Midnight Suns!”

Midnight Suns will be accessible on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC. A Switch version will be available soon. There are currently four editions of this game, a the Standard Edition of $60 on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows, an Enhanced Edition of $70 on Xbox Series X|S and PS4 with an additional five cosmetic skins and optimizations for new consoles, the Digital Plus Edition of $80 on all platforms plus eleven cosmetic skins and optimizations, and the Legendary Edition of $100 inclusive of 23 cosmetic skins and a Midnight Suns season pass.