LG introduces transparent OLED screens for CES 2022

LG Display has just made a humongous announcement of the release of its brand new devices of the OLED Shelf, Shopping Managing Showcase, Show Window, and Smart Window.

The LG OLED Shelf

Starting with the OLED Shelf, it brilliantly integrates two transparent OLED displays capable of gracefully blending into any type of living room decoration. Just the choice for TV shows and gallery paintings on its Always on Display Mode, LG Displays claims that these transparent displays can transform all sorts of home interiors into a dashing modern living space.

In addition to that, LG also has an opaque motorized sheet for us, which elegantly goes down similar to a projector screen, so that any painting placed behind it looks much more vibrant.

The LG Shopping Showcase Manager

Coming to the Shopping Managing Showcase, it is a transparent OLED fixed within a wooden display stand, with the objective of giving an offline shopping experience. With a much enhanced visual content and attractive products on display, this product is the perfect one for luxurious department stores.

The LG Show Window

Next, the Show Window is a product with four 55-inch transparent OLED displays that could be used to play up products in window displays. Reportedly, the product is already being put to use at the new Musinsa Fashion Store in Seoul, as well as art exhibitions at the Smithsonian and at 180 The Strand in London, inside some subway car windows in China and Japan, and a Bulgari Fashion Show.

Other than this, the company also hinted at a half-moon-shaped chair with a built in OLED at CES this year