LG is working on foldable OLED displays for HP Laptops

Image via GSMArena

By LG Display announcing the 17” foldable OLED panel earlier at the CES, it looks like it has quite some clients already!

First, there’s HP putting out a foldable laptop with this panel, and then the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold having the 13.3” panel.

Also, there are many reports suggesting that LG and Apple might be collaborating to work out on an Ultra Thin Glass panel for the foldable MacBook-iPad hybrid. Reports by Display Supply Chain Consultants this can take as long as 2025.

Apart from that, Apple could be releasing its first ever foldable smartphone the following year. From the fact that the foldable laptop has a stylus support, the LG panels are of both touch and stylus input. The foldable smartphone is also being rumored to come with a stylus.

Getting into the details, LG is built to manufacture 10,000 units of the HP panel (measuring 17” unfolded and 11” folded along with 4K resolution) and has completed the manufacture of 20,000 units for the Lenovo panel (measuring 13.3” unfolded and 6.2” folded and 2,048 x 1,536 px resolution)

Compared to those, Apple would require a lot more volume, so LG will have to grow production lines.