Lego Star Wars: Battles will arrive to Apple Arcade soon

Lego Star Wars franchise is going to put out a game soon -an Apple Arcade exclusive, to be precise. It’s a showdown type of game, with players fighting each other.

This game features player vs player real-time multiplayer with the theme of Star Wars franchise, obviously. Light and dark sides with the Lego Star Wars characters and vehicles. This game is accessible on iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple TV for $4.99 subscription price (including one month free trial) but with Apple Arcade the cost is around $15 to $30.

Nothing was said about the release or its date. But according to Apple Arcade’s pattern, the games normally launch in a month of being added to the pre-order list. As of now, you can “get” the game so the game downloads to the device after it launches automatically.