Leaks show Microsoft's cancelled OS for Surface Duos

Updated: Jan 26

Image via WindowsCentral

With this all new Surface Duo, Microsoft is here alongside Android after a long well played struggle with its Windows Phone. However, Surface Duo was meant to run a new operating system developed by Microsoft, and as the rumors of Andromeda OS showed no worth, we now at least have a basic idea of how it would have been if it were to release.

The Andromeda OS is has a test version now. By Windows Central, this OS runs on a Lumia 950 and a lot more can be seen in the officially released video.

Image via WindowsCentral

Getting into it, users can write little notes with a Stylus on the lock screen itself, which would persist even until the next time the phone is turned on. This feature looks intelligent and pretty useful. The home screen appears to be an inking canvas, called the Journal supporting annotation, images, sticky notes and 3D objects.

Image via WindowsCentral

Most of it seems to resemble the Windows Phone, going well with the Windows 10 aesthetic. Though not fully visible due to its inability to run on dual-screen, this influence on the operating system can be made out easily.

Looks like Windows is trying to put up with Android for its smartphones, at the way the Windows Phone didn’t quite seem to meet expectations.