Kratos and Master Chief collide in insane God of War mod!

The entire internet talk right now seems to be about a new mod that enables Xbox mascot Master Chief to enter PlayStation's God of War.

Getting into it, this mod, designed by MarcosRC, who is most renowned for his manipulations of the RE Engine, is being correlated to a "who would win a fight" classic high school squabble. By interchanging Baldur's model with that of Halo's Master Chief, this mod brings a close collaboration of God of War's signature barbarous opening fight sequence with Xbox and PlayStations's surly strongmen to confront.

For an original boss fight experience, Chief does not put his classic weapons into use but goes for hand-to-hand combat instead.

Ever since its official launch on PC earlier this year, modders have been working on all sorts of crazy God of War mods. There's a mod that replaces The Stranger and Kratos with Ned Flanders and Homer Simpson from The Simpsons too!

Apart from that, the much-anticipated sequel to 2018's God of War, titled God of War: Ragnarok is expected to release soon now, following its recent rating received in South Korea. With high expectations being raised for this game, Kratos fans are certainly counting on this.