iOS 15.4 Beta lets you use Face ID with a mask!

Image via AppleInsider

Apple is here with with its all new iOS developer beta. After recently putting out iOS 15.3, this new one is working on its Face ID recognizing users even when they have their mask on.

A new option “Use Face ID with a Mask” is available for this purpose in the Settings. According to the wish of the user, this toggle can be turned on or off. There’s also an additional “Add Glasses” option for when you have both your glasses and your mask on.

However, Apple reports that the Face ID with mask will require looking at the device for a little longer, and won’t work with sunglasses on. Face ID is most effective only on full face recognition.

Nonetheless, Face ID with mask can still authenticate Apple payments. It is also predicted that this feature will require an iPhone 12 or 13, as it couldn’t be seen on the iPhone 11.