Instagram finally lets you post images from a desktop!

A lot of new stuff was officially announced by Instagram today mainly revolving around Reels and main Instagram feed.

Based on long term user requests, the desktop web app of Instagram will be launched globally Oct. 21. This sent masses into Phew! Finally!

Talking about the mobile app, A Collabs test feature now permits two people co-author posts and Reels by simply inviting the other person from the tagging screen. Instagram confirms that the post would appear for followers of both users, and its views, likes and comments would also be shared. This is a greatly useful feature when it comes to posts regarding team-ups and sponsored posts.

Fundraiser Prompts, a new option for non-profit organizations to create fundraisers, will be released tomorrow a.k.a Wednesday. This option is a modified version of the previous way of fundraisers.

As claimed by Instagram, the Reels section will come with a whole brand of new features, inclusive of dynamic lyrics, special effects and 3D fonts.