Hogwarts Legacy State Of Play streams on March 17!

Hogwarts Legacy now officially has its State of Play stream on March 17! As put out by Sony and WB Games Avalanche, it will be an approximately 20-minute presentation, reserving about 14 minutes for a PlayStation gameplay.

Scheduled for 5PM ET on PlayStation’s own Twitch and YouTube channels, the remaining part of the show will deal with "insight from a few members of the team at Avalanche Software who are bringing the Wizarding World to life."

Keeping in mind the fact that the Hogwarts Legacy trailer has over 28M views already, it’s a good chance for the State of Play to decipher this newly-risen demand between the gaming community and the Harry Potter fandom, thereby helping them assist Sony in bringing in evergreen PlayStation sales.

Getting into this, the game is all about a character in the world of Hogwarts, with an experience close to that of the Harry Potter franchise, like the Sorting Hat Ceremony, visit to Hogsmeade, attending lessons and all. Though partnered with PlayStation for this event, the game will also be launching for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC, besides PS4 and PS5.

As reported by Warner Bros, author J.K.Rowling (on account of insensitive transphobic comments) is “not directly involved with the game, but is entitled to express her personal opinion”. Reports thus point out to the game being inclusive of transgender characters to be created.