Halo TV Series content to be included in Halo Infinite

Developer 343 Industries has just announced that features from the Halo TV series could soon enter Halo Infinite! Director Brian Jarrard himself stated this, though it might not be THAT soon either.

Halo Infinite received “Fracture” events for non-canon cosmetics, opening up multiple Halo timelines, long before the Paramount+ TV show. This show, occurring in the Silver Timelines, has its first two episodes out already.

Looking into it, the TV series actually has little relation within the Halo Infinite universe, which explains the reason behind not much talk about the game since the show’s premiere on March 24.

As quoted in the interview with the Washington Post, 343 Industries plans on fixing that. Right now, 343 Industries seems to have their focus on Halo Infinite Season 2, “Lone Wolves”. Releasing on May 3, it is packed with brand new maps and modes, and other long-awaited features like campaign co-op and Forge mode.