Halo Infinite multiplayer lead designer leaves 343 industries

Halo Infinite’s lead multiplayer designer Andrew Witts has reportedly discontinued service to 343 Industries. The man behind Halo Infinite’s fundamental modes and systems, Witts along with multiplayer creative director Tom French, has dedicated over three year on the game’s latest free-to-play offerings. With Halo Infinite’s multiplayer launch earlier in November which threw light on its initial free-to-play offerings, forming the base for the “next ten years of Halo”, a classic gameplay with a tint of modern design was something. Also, Halo garnered with over 20 million players(Xbox consoles and Windows PCs) in January.

Coming back to this, Witts had made an announcement of his departure via Twitter, stating that it had been an honor leading the multiplayer design team for Halo Infinite. Right now, nothing is known about who is taking up the role now, now that he has departed. Prior to this, Halo had seen departures of their then studio head Chris Lee in late 2020, former creative director Tim Longo and lead producer Mary Olson in 2019. Apart from that, a new second season called “Lone Wolves” will soon be here May 3, with two multiplayer maps, three modes and new customization offerings.

Season 2 is also a chance for Halo to mend its ways, with players complaining about lack of updating from 343 Industries, rampant cheating and various other technical issues.