Halo infinite beta preview starts from 29th this August

The first Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview kicks off tomorrow, July 29th. The beta will run until Sunday August 1st, handed out a short chance for those invited to test Halo Infinite’s multiplayer aspects.

Beta testers will be able to test the new academy experience at a firing range where they will be exploring a handful of weapons of strafing bots. Reportedly, players will also be receiving credits in-game which can be spent on several other items in game. However, these items won't carry into the full game.

Select insiders will go hands-on with the halo way point internet and experience it on iOS and Android. Brian Jarrard, one of the developers at 343 Industries, in a tweet, hinted at the fact that the developer‘s mind was more on testers through various platforms.

343 Industries is planning to announce other information on the Halo Infinite technical preview during a live stream.