Google wants to bring Chrome OS to PCs and Macs

Google has just revealed the “Chrome OS Flex”, a new version of Chrome OS. This version, designed primarily for business and school purposes for old PCs and Macs.

As Google reports, it can be installed within minutes. It will look similar to the Chrome OS, of course, basing on the fact that it is created from the same code base. Also, it may contain features selective for the hardware of the PC on which it is being run.

Chrome OS Flex will have access to the Google Assistant, and is far more capable than CloudReady. Flex devices will also get updates simultaneously.

Though the main area of focus is on business and education, this OS can be tried by anyone. Visit the website, create an instance of a bootable Chrome OS Flex on a USB drive and there you go. This is for early access, so you might want to install it on a desktop which isn’t your main. Google says they’re working on creating a bootable drive directly into the Chrome browser through the Chromebook Recovery Utility extension.

By releasing this an early access, Google expects users to give it a try and give them some feedback, possibly for more development. There could be several bugs though. The official release is scheduled for Q2 this year, and once this comes out, CloudReady users will be switched to Flex.