Google suspends Play Store payments in Russia

Google Play Store has suspended its billing system for Russian users, disabling them to buy any app/game, in-app purchases or any other related subscriptions. Announcing it via a support page, Google added that Russian users could however download the free apps and games.

On account of the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, Google has taken this step in most of its agencies, with ads being paused for all Russian-based advertisers, YouTube pausing all kinda of paid services like Channel Memberships, Super Chat, merchandise sale and Youtube Premium. Nevertheless, Russian YouTube content creators can fetch revenue from viewers outside Russia via their Super Chats or merch purchases. Not only that, Google halted selling of ads in Russia and the Russian state media cannot monetize their content either.

Coming back to Play, Google added that while current subscriptions won’t be affected, at least not now, they can’t be renewed either. Google states that if Russian developers desire to keep on with the apps being available for download, they will be required to make the apps free and discontinue subscription services.