Google's new Nest products are packed with strong features!

Google just put out home security cameras and a video doorbell. They are under its Nest brand. These are composed of an indoor-only camera, an indoor / outdoor camera, a floodlight, and the video doorbell, take over the previous Nest IQ cameras and Nest Hello doorbell. The main attributes being dealt with are a unified design language and more reasonable pricing, which can easily be seen when Google made each model cost $99.99, which means $30 less than the previous versions, despite adding more capabilities.

The Nest cam's 2-megapixel sensor has a capacity to record up to 1080p video at 16:9 aspect ratio and 30FPS with HDR. It comes with a 6x digital zoom and Night vision powered by six high-power 850nm infrared LEDs that can give up to 20 feet of illumination. Excluding those, features include a “high quality” speaker and microphone that allows for “full-duplex” 2-way audio with noise cancellation.

Because of on-device machine learning and a TPU chip, the Nest Cam is empowered with the feature to recognize people, vehicles, and animals. Google has promised updated algorithms which implies less false detection alerts along with improves speed and privacy. In comparison to the Nest Cam IQ, it is able to function with 2x more pixels at twice the frame rate. This was brought about by training on 40 million images including 25 million synthetic ones (in virtual environments), credits to Unity.