Google reveals its Wi-Fi 6E Connectivity

Google seems to be working on its "meh" Nest Wifi, in order to include Wi-Fi 6E support accompanying its next-gen iteration this time. According to reports by 9to5Google, this new Nest Wifi release has already escalated to the FCC for certification. The model number of the product being "G6ZUC", other details we know as issued by the FCC points to the release of this Wi-Fi router along with Wifi 6E connectivity. This is a much better version of Google's usual mesh routers, pertaining to the fact that the release of the current batch was carried out alongside Wi-Fi 5, though it was the era of Wi-Fi 6 devices on the red carpet.

Wi-Fi 6E is actually a remarkable upgrade to Wi-Fi 6. Expanding the bandwidth, making it up to 6GHz, implying that a device would still retain its speed and consistency regardless of the number of wireless devices connected to the router, with absolutely zero interruptions. Also, this Nest Wifi router is expected to enhance speeds up to 9.6Gbps, taking the high Wi-Fi standards of today into consideration. As mentioned by the FCC, Google has apparently stressed on the details of its new Nest Wifi router to stay confidential, at least for the next six months. It would most probably be put out by early 2023, maybe even sooner.