Google Play Games come to Windows PCs in three countries for Beta Testing

Google is back with exciting news! Google is now going to put out Google Play Games for test as a beta for PC in three countries namely, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Rewinding to last month, Google had hinted this at The Game Awards 2021. According to Google, more about the betas and expansions will be shared soon.

Despite no access yet for quite many gamers, this still is a big one for Google. Their goal is described to “provide a seamless leap from an Android phone or Chrome OS machine” and users will be able to enjoy “immersive and seamless gaming sessions between a phone, tablet, Chromebook, and Windows PC.” Syncing of progress will take place while switching between devices, and as usual, Play Points can be earned for PC activity on Google Play Games.

Earlier, Microsoft had announced it was testing Android apps on Windows 11 PCs. Microsoft, in partnership with Amazon, makes use of a Windows Subsystem in order to run Android apps from several sources. However, Google Play isn’t supported yet, at least officially.