Google is working on an Augmented Reality Headset!

Google is reportedly working on an augmented reality headset now!

Named Project Iris, this device consists of cameras facing outwards meant for blending virtual imagery into real-world views. However, this project is still in progress, and could possibly be out in 2024.

This project of Google does seem like an undercover attempt to let fellow competitors Meta, Apple and Microsoft know they aren’t the not ones in the ever dynamic AR and virtual reality field.

It seems like Google is trying to get back on track in this particular section after its previously failed attempts of Google Glass in 2012 and VR headsets in 2019. On the other hand, Mark Zuckerberg grabbed the head start, rebranding Facebook to Meta, “Metaverse” being the current talk of the town. Apple too has its hands on a mixed reality headset this year.

The Iris project, claimed to be handled by Clay Bavor (who in turn reports to CEO Sundar Pichai), is the same person handling another VR/AR Google project related to high resolution video chat.

Nevertheless, nothing much is known about Google’s investment in AR and VR, as opposed to Meta spending billions of dollars in addition to working on “Project Cambria” and Apple with two AR products ready to be out, leaks hinting at its release this year, predicted to be priced at $2000.