Google Home app gets a redesign after almost 4 years!

A recent report from 9to5Google throws light on the Google Home app with a brand new design! This 2.49 update permits for interacting with devices right from one screen.

Chiefly having an upgraded home view to adjust devices in reduced steps, Google has made the app much compact and sleeker with rectangular tiles with rounded corners, plus more interactive tiles assisting in changing the volume or brightness by merely sliding them to the left or right. Also, full-page controls show up when holding a button for long. Turning the lights on or off, and playing or pausing media can be done with just a tap.

We last heard about Google Home back in 2018, followed by an update with enabled users to change color of their lights via specific controls. Thus, an app driving users to get through adjustments by tapping each device was left behind.

As informed by Google, this redesign will be here in a couple of weeks. Some users, like former editor in chief of XDA-DeveloperMishaal Rahman, have successfully sideloaded the update on Android and accessed the new settings.