Google fires another AI researcher who challenged findings

Google is reportedly dismissing AI researchers, with all the harsh critique it has been receiving lately. Google has fired a machine learning scientist Satyajit Chatterjee, apparently due to a paper written by him and the related team regarding the topic that computers were more capable of designing chip components than humans. Dismissed after the paper being rejected by a resolution committee and the issue about the same being brought to the notice of Sundar Pichai and Aplhabet’s board of directors, Google doesn’t determine a specific reason for firing the scientist. It just reports of Chatterjee being "terminated with cause." It also maintained that the original paper had been "thoroughly vetted" and peer-reviewed, and that the study challenging the claims "did not meet our standards."

The stream of problems started first with Google firing ethicist Timnit Gebru back in 2020 with a similar disagreement on a paper. Then again, it was Margaret Mitchell being dismissed in early 2021 due to violation of Dara confidentiality policies, and also public criticism of executives. All of this amounting to conflicts and demand of reforms by other veteran engineers, Google attempted for changes after investigating Gebru’s termination. However, this Chatterjee dismissal does not seem like it either.

With the Pixel 6 phones revolving around custom AI-focused processor, it looks like Google could suffer a heavy setback with even minor flaws.