Google begins tests for a UI redesign for playlists on YouTube Music

Google has reportedly begun running tests for a UI redesign for playlists on YouTube Music.

Getting into it, the creator of the playlist and the status of when it was last updated is displayed in the first two lines. Following that, there’s the cover art along with the image of the artist on the left and vertical text at the right, with YouTube Music’s logo resting in the top-left corner.

More details include circular buttons (download, add to library, play, share, overflow menu) on a single line, a larger font size of the playlist name, and the top area having a blurred background of the cover art.

No option for shuffle could be seen, it also looks like the song list remains the same. Only one French user has received this update on a Galaxy Tab A7 as of now. They report that the update is available only on playlists for now, not for albums yet. Thus, it is not known yet whether this is only for early testing, or the redesign is only meant for playlists. However, it is confirmed that this update would also take community-generated playlists and the ones specially made for users via algorithm into inclusion.