Gboard might soon let you 'Emojify' your sentences

Updated: Apr 7

Gboard has a new bunch of features now! With a more expressive approach to texting now with the use of a so-called magic wand and some emojis, Gboard is one among the coolest keyboard apps.

It all started with a wand icon being spotted near the mic icon on the Gboard, which when tapped, comes up with emoji suggestions across the text field. Dubbed the “Emojify” feature, it mainly replaces text with emojis, or adds emojis mid-sentence.

Though the feature is not available yet, thus feature could be tested by Android Police. They report that tapping the wand icon will give a bunch of emojis after the typed text and on tapping twice, the emoji will be placed in the sentence.

This feature can be a great one for emoji-lovers, and along with the custom stickers and the Emoji Kitchen which helps mix and match emojis, this can provide a potentially fun experience.