Facebook and Instagram go towards blocking ads targeting race, sexuality and religion

Meta has recently decided on something new, a step towards being more respectful. As reported by Meta Business Blog, Facebook and Instagram are going towards blocking advertisers which enable them to show ads according to personal information like race, sexuality, religious or political views and others.

These apps never asked users to share such information and don’t permit advertisers to target a specific section of users based off it, but there apparently was a situation where advertisers had the targeting options available based off these “sensible user characteristics”.

Reportedly, $28.2 billion was Meta’s total revenue through just advertising, justifying this a difficult decision, but as seen, Meta is doing great at respecting user’s privacy and personal boundaries. This new modification will be available January 19, 2022 onwards on all of Meta’s apps Instagram, Facebook and Messenger. Nonetheless, ads will still be targeted by age, gender and location, and not through any private info like race or sexuality.

(via The Verge)