Everything you need to know before playing Horizon Forbidden West

Back on June 11, 2020, Sony had revealed soon release of its Horizon Forbidden West. Finally, it will be here on February 18. Being anticipated since long as a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, this game is based on protagonist Aloy set in the post-apocalyptic ruins of San Francisco, discovering more about the place and its mechanism, with robots and brutal warriors on the way.

When will the game release?

Confirmed to officially release on February 18, Horizon Forbidden West will be available for both PS4 and PS5. Great news for PS4 version owners is that they’re gonna be offered a free upgrade to the PS5 version of the game!

What is different on the PS4 Version?

Though both the PS4 and PS5 versions are the same game, required to be played through the same open world, with the same story and no difference in the missions either, the PS5 versions tends to have a lot more pros:

-Loading time reduced to a considerable rate

-More visually appealing, with brand new visual flourish

-Two visual modes, one for better performance (60 FPS) and one for higher resolution of 4K (at a reduced frame rate), as per the wish of the user

-3D audio system

-Compatibility for DualSense exclusive features such as adaptive triggers

Do I need to play Zero Dawn First?

Looking into the fact that Horizon Zero Dawn is a fairly large game with a complex narrative, it is suggested that users play it first anyways before going for Forbidden West.

Getting into a brief synopsis, Zero Dawn is set in the 31st century (a millennium away from present day, just so you know). Of course, it represents a post-apocalyptic world, mainly dominated by machines (as expected). With the human race dwindling at a fast pace, the only ones left seem to be a herd of hunters and gatherers leading their lives in forests situated in the ruins of their ancestors, while machines on the other hand become the masters.

Here comes the protagonist Aloy into picture, a dashing huntress with her signature speed, agility and wit by her side to survive odds and fight against the evil.

Now coming back to Forbidden West, this sequel is fast forwarded to six months succeeding the end of Zero Dawn. Based on the story of the next phase of Aloy’s life after she gets to know more about how the world runs and her position in it, she should now get into action as a dreadful red blight poses a serious threat to the land.

Summing the gameplay up:

-A larger map with a wider and in-depth exploration as compared to the previous game

-A brand new underwater exploration feature to find clues even beneath the surface of water bodies

-Usage of weapons and traps made out of salvaged parts

-An advanced system of weapons and skills based on outfits

Finally, Forbidden West is on a pedestal right now, expected with high anticipation. Maybe during the wait, you can try out similar open-world games like Ghost of Tsushima or Spider-Man, both of which giving top class experience.