Disney+ will add a cheaper ad-supportive plan soon!

Now, Disney Plus is on for adding a cheaper and ad-supportive subscription option soon. Set for release in late 2022, this tier will first be available in the US before globally in 2023.

Though Disney hasn’t specifically mentioned anything about how much cheaper it will be in comparison to the ad-free plan or the exact launch date of this cheaper version, it seems like it will now officially get off the list of companies with no cheap tier with ads, also consisting of Apple and Netflix.

As of now, Discovery, NBC, Warner Media and Paramount already have a cheaper version. As quoted by The Information, “Users in the United States are no longer running away from ad-free services - something Netflix pioneered more than a decade ago - they are more and more leaning towards an ad-supported TV model type of service.”

The major ones include Hulu with $7 a month with ads and $13 a month without, Paramount Plus with $5 with ads and $10 without, HBO Max with $10 with ads and $15 without.

Also, there’s a way by which Disney Plus can be in combo with ESPN and Hulu for $14, and $20 if ad-free.

Offering this cheaper, ad-supported subscription is essential for Disney to fulfill its goal of going from 230M to 260M subscribers by 2024. With 129.8 million subscribers by Jan 1 already, it had increased to 11.7 million in these past three months.