Apple's rumored AR/VR headset might require a nearby iPhone or a Mac for processing

Apple now seems to be up for a custom chip for it’s rumored upcoming AR/VR headset. This chip is an SoC, this will require Apple to offload a few processor-heavy tasks to the device it’s connected to (like an iPhone or Mac).

However, this chip sends and receives data, compresses or decompressed videos as per needs though being wireless. Thus, it’s gonna do a great job in streaming data, rather than putting the whole load of heavy processing on the headset.

Apple has started working with this with the Apple Watch by its side. At the start, it had to have an iPhone in its vicinity mandatorily, but then Apple came up with a fully independent version later.

Apple has reportedly collaborated with some AR developers for working more on augmented reality based apps like ARKit RealityKit, and making it possible to make AR apps on smartphone screens and not AR glasses. Nevertheless, this is pretty useful in the case of mixed reality glasses.