Apple rebuilds Apple Music for MacOS Montery 1.12

A rebuild of the Apple Music app for macOS Monterey 12.2 is on the way! This beta reportedly consists of an all new version of Apple Music backed by AppKit with a much faster and responsive experience. This AppKit viewing will also get rid of its dependence on in-app web content. This way, Apple Music will now be a native application in its own.

(Image via 9to5Mac)

The beta version would also look much simpler, but the fact that Apple is working on rebuilding it on a whole and the other visual effects would take time justifies it.

However, the beta version is available for users today onwards. MacBook Pro laptop users can also find improved ProMotion Safari scrolling.

To sum up, searching the music up and scrolling between elements is now much smoother and more responsive than the previous macOS Music App.