Apple announces new 14 inch and 16 inch MacBook Pro

Apple has put out news regarding a remodeled MacBook Pro, coming with a 14-inch screen, Apple’s new M1 Pro and Max chips, a notch, and an extensive selection of ports along with the typical Thunderbolt ones — it brings back the HDMI port and SD card reader and puts in a MagSafe 3 connector.

Beginning at $1,999, the MacBook Pro containing an SD card slot and an HDMI port have been reintroduced alongside the USB-C ports, 3 Thunderbolt 4, and headphone jack.

The two models feature resolutions of 3024×1964 (for the 14-inch model) and 3456×2234 (for the 16-inch model). They will have the MagSafe magnetic charging, which will deliver faster-charging speed than is offered by the existing USB-C port. (via TechPortal)

Claimed to have a 2-4x longer battery life when performing more power-consuming tasks, video playback is estimated to be 17 hours for the 14-inch model, and 21 hours for the 16-inch model. Fast charging of the battery is also possible, which goes up to 50% capacity in about 30 minutes.

These models, available in both silver and space gray colors, are available to order today with the first shipments starting the very next week.